Fire &Smoke Damage Restoration

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When a tragedy occurs, resulting in fire damage, lives are dramatically impacted and recovery can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Knowing where to begin recovery in the initial days after a fire disaster can be extremely difficult.

Any property suffering from fire damage should be analyzed for dangerous toxins, structural integrity, safety and functional capability. Immediate restoration actions including site stabilization and board up, temporary power installations and debris removal are often necessary to mitigate any further damage.

Once an assessment of the damage has been completed, our qualified restoration technicians certified in water, smoke and soot damage engage in remediation and recovery actions to restore your property and contents to pre-damaged conditions, odour free.

Resulting Water Smoke / Odour Damage

Water and odour damage may be present on items that can be removed or on structures and or items that cannot. If removal of items can occur, they may be damaged by water resulting from the fire and likely carry an odour.

ShawMills Restoration has deodorization and drying chambers in-house designed to deodorize and dry various contents using the most efficient and up to date technology. Contents are contained within the chamber where heat, dehumidification and air movement are introduced to produce fast yet controlled drying.

Should the water or odour damage be present on structures that we cannot remove from a site, we will utilize equipment and implement processes to dry out water damaged areas or eradicate odours due to residual smoke particles.

We have a variety of drying methods available to us; open systems, closed systems, non invasive drying systems, refrigerant dehumidifiers. Each method involves air movement which is critical to successful drying. In regards to odour, we have the ability to use different air scrubbing equipment to remove smoke and or soot particles.
All of our technicians are certified and many have advanced certifications providing them with the knowledge required to establish and execute a successful plan that will quickly, thoroughly and effectively restore the area while eliminating the chances of secondary damage.